BYE-BYE VIOLET TAPES - formed in spring of 2007. Band doesn't have сonstant structure. The present members are 2 guitarists Radif Kashapov and Egor Ryazantsev, drummer Kirill Tsarkov. Bye-Bye Violet Tapes have played a couple of gigs in Saint Petersburg, Russia - this city earlier was known as Leningrad.
Bye-Bye Violet Tapes are experimental and play in different styles. Bye-Bye Violet Tapes songs are sometimes instrumentals, but there are alot of vocals aswell which are in english language and in russian language too. Just think Sigur Ros when hearing the singing especially when he sings in tatar, his native language and he hopes there will be alot more recordings in his native language of tatar. The style of the music is like a shuffle in a player - when electro came after salsa. It's not too much optymistic, but it is not deprived of irony. In more simple meaning, the music is very progressive in an alternative way. Think of bands like Can, Sonic Youth, Yo Le Tengo and Mogwai. Influences are Stereolab, Low, Young Marble Giants, just to name a few. Parallax Sounds will be releasing an EP soon!
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